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Pinstriped Bible is now Pinstripe Alley once again

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We're back!

Most of you will have noticed by now that the site underwent a little bit of a facelift yesterday afternoon with the blog name changing from Pinstriped Bible to Pinstripe Alley. For those of you who have been here for years, that may represent a return to the normal. When I lurked and ultimately joined in 2009, it was under the name Pinstripe Alley, which remained the name until the summer of 2012 when Steven Goldman brought his blog name over from the YES Network after he took over as blog manager. After his departure from the site, it was requested that the blog go back to its former name, Pinstripe Alley.

For those of you who have never known this place as anything but Pinstriped Bible, I can assure you that nothing else will change. All of us will be here continuing to write under the name Pinstripe Alley the same way we did when it was called Pinstriped Bible. I hope that you'll stick around with us. For everyone whose days here pre-date the Pinstriped Bible days, I hope you're as happy to be back as we are.

If you were already following us on Twitter, you'll notice that we are now @pinstripealley on there. Andrew, Jason, and I share the duties of running that account, and I encourage you to give us a follow if you want to stay connected with links to all our posts and random bits of commentary thrown in.

As always, thanks for reading and commenting. You guys make this place what it is and I know that will be true regardless of what the blog name is. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Welcome back to Pinstripe Alley!

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