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Yankees Prospects: Peter O'Brien and Mason Williams make Fall Stars Game


The eighth annual Fall Stars Game, once known as the Rising Stars Game, will take place on November 2. It's the Arizona Fall League's All-Star Game and two Yankees will be taking part. Peter O'Brien and Mason Williams of the Scottsdale Scorpions will take part in the festivities.

O'Brien hasn't done very well so far, hitting .167/.211/.417 with three home runs and thirteen strikeouts over nine games. It's a very small sample size, but it would be nice if he could continue hitting the way he had during the 2013 regular season. Originally a catcher, it seems that he's being moved to third base in an attempt to find a valuable spot for him in the system. Center fielder Mason Williams has hit .261/.333/.326 with two stolen bases over 11 games. He hasn't been terrible, but it's nothing to get excited about in a historically offensive-friendly league.

The Fall Stars Game is a good barometer for future MLB talent. After playing in 2009, 28 players reached the majors the following year. After 2010, 24 players came up the year after. After 2011, 18 more and after last year, another 23 made it in 2013. That's got to be good for O'Brien's and Williams' chances to make the majors, right? Hopefully they don't just make it, hopefully they stay.

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