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Pinstripe Alley t-shirt design contest

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If you have paid any attention to the top menu bar on the site recently, you may have noticed that there is a new link to choose from that will take you to Pinstripe Alley's very own store. Currently, there is only one selection in the store and that is a t-shirt with the Pinstripe Alley logo (maybe soon?) on it that you see at the top of the page. We'd like to expand that some.

Hanging around Pinstripe Alley has always meant picking up on certain site-specific memes and inside jokes. We've had everything from DOOMED, White Flags, Ninja Cano, cannons, Chris Stewart's replacement bookcase, the Humbler, and many, many more. If you've ever thought that you could turn any of these things into a cool design someone would wear on a shirt, here's your chance. We have decided to ask you guys to contribute your tshirt design ideas to be made into available shirts for other members to purchase. You can draw them yourself, if you are artistically gifted enough, or just describe your vision in complete detail in the comments below. Rec the ideas that you'd like to see made into shirts in the comments below and we'll have the ones that get the most votes put into a poll for the community to vote on. The person whose design is made into our first community-influenced shirt will receive a free tshirt of their design.

Ideally, we could have more than one design to choose from at some point in the near future, so having as many ideas as possible to work with is a great thing. Describe everything you think of in detail, including specific colors, so we can try to make sure that what you are thinking of gets translated correctly by the fantastic folks who print the shirts. We'll accept submissions through the end of this coming weekend, so show us what you come up with and don't forget to vote on your favorites. Feel free to discuss ideas with others to come up with the perfect shirt idea.

Leave any questions you may have in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them. Happy brainstorming!

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