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Yankees rank 16th among minor league systems most likely to contribute


Baseball America ranked every organization by how their prospects placed in each league top 20 list and derived a point system in order to determine the teams most likely and least likely to produce value at the major league level in 2014. BA uses the following criteria:

• One point for ranking as a league's top batting or pitching prospect.
• Four points for ranking as a league's No. 1 prospect, with value descending by two-tenths of a point thereafter, so 3.8 points for ranking No. 2 on down to 0.2 points for ranking No. 20.
• Five points for ranking in a Triple-A league; four points for Double-A; three points for high Class A; two points for low Class A; and one point for any of the six short-season leagues.
• Two points for playing pitcher, catcher or shortstop; one point for playing second base, third base or outfield; no points for playing first base.
• Players receive half-credit for their league's star rating, so that a player in a five-star league such as the Florida State receives 2.5 points; a player in a one-star league such as the California receives 0.5 points.
• Organizations do not receive double credit for having one prospect who ranks on two lists; only the player's highest score is counted toward the total.

The Yankees farm system ranks 16th, almost exactly middle of the pack, having never had a prospect rank No.1 and getting shutout of the Triple-A International League list.

Their top point earners included Gary Sanchez (7 FSL), J.R. Murphy (18 EL), Luis Torrens (10 GCL), Mason Williams (19 FSL), and Abiatal Avelino (13 GCL). Eric Jagielo (6 NYP) and Rafael De Paula (17 SAL) are the only other ranked prospects the Yankees have that were above rookie ball in 2013. According to Matt Eddy:

New York hopes this class of catching prospects develops more effectively than the last one, highlighted by Jesus Montero and Austin Romine.

Three top catchers in their respective leagues give the Yankees hope that they will be able to come away with at least one major league option over the next few years.

The Yankees rank fourth in the AL East with the Red Sox (1), Blue Jays (11), and Rays (15) all placing ahead of them. The Orioles (28) rank as one of the lowest teams in baseball.

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