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Yankees are expected to retain Damon Oppenheimer, but changes are coming


Yankees fans have been unhappy with the Yankees' minor league system and now Hal Steinbrenner is too. After a season marked with injuries, the team had no minor league players that showed they could contribute. There also doesn't seem to be much coming up the ladder either. It seems that changes are on the way and people are going to be blamed.

According to a source, Mark Feinsand reports that Yankees' amateur scouting director, Damon Oppenheimer, will remain with the organization. However, there are expected to be changes in their baseball operations department. That likely means that the front office has laid the blame on player development, rather than scouting, and Mark Newman could be the one to go.

While the Yankees have had several top prospects, very few of them have turned into legitimate major league talent. Baseball America rated their 2013 draft as the third best in baseball, so they're drafting legitimate talent, but they haven't been able to do much with it. Mark Newman is in charge of developing the players that Oppenheimer scouts and drafts, so removing him and bringing someone new with different ideas and methods could help create stronger minor league depth.

Nothing is definitive yet, but it's clear that changes need to be made because the status quo isn't working out very well.

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