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Robinson Cano is a 2013 Gold Glove finalist


Robinson Cano is the only Yankees finalist for a Gold Glove in 2013. Each position has three finalists and the winners will be announced on October 29. This is the first season where Sabermetrics are being included in the voting process. I named the AL and NL winners if the awards were based solely on defensive metrics, here are the real finalists and it seems that they have included one candidate who deserves it, one based on reputation, and one who was a really good hitter.

American League

C - Joe Mauer (5 DRS in only 658.2 innings), Twins; Salvador Perez (11 DRS), Royals; Matt Wieters (-13 DRS), Orioles
Shafted: Yan Gomes (11 DRS in only 710 innings), Indians

1B - Chris Davis (-7 DRS), Orioles; Eric Hosmer (3 DRS), Royals; James Loney (4 DRS), Rays
Shafted: Mike Napoli (10 DRS), Red Sox; Nick Swisher (6 DRS), Indians; Lyle Overbay (5 DRS), Yankees

2B - Robinson Cano (6 DRS), Yankees; Dustin Pedroia (15 DRS), Red Sox; Ben Zobrist (7 DRS), Rays
Shafted: Ian Kinsler (11 DRS), Rangers

3B - Adrian Beltre (-5 DRS), Rangers; Evan Longoria (12 DRS), Rays; Manny Machado (35 DRS), Orioles
Shafted: Josh Donaldson (11 DRS), Athletics

SS - Alcides Escobar (4 DRS), Royals; Yunel Escobar (4 DRS), Rays; J.J. Hardy (8 DRS), Orioles
Shafted: Pedro Florimon (12 DRS), Twins; Elvis Andrus (11 DRS), Rangers

LF - Yoenis Cespedes (4 DRS), Athletics; Andy Dirks (6 DRS), Tigers; Alex Gordon (16 DRS), Royals
Shafted: David Murphy (8 DRS), Rangers

CF - Lorenzo Cain (17 DRS), Royals; Jacoby Ellsbury (13 DRS), Red Sox; Adam Jones (-2 DRS), Orioles
Shafted: Leonys Martin (14 DRS), Rangers

RF - Nick Markakis (-7 DRS), Orioles; Josh Reddick (13 DRS), Athletics; Shane Victorino (24 DRS), Red Sox
Shafted: Ichiro Suzuki (7 DRS), Yankees

P - Mark Buehrle (4 DRS), Blue Jays; R.A. Dickey (7 DRS), Blue Jays; Doug Fister (1 DRS), Tigers
Shafted: Hiroki Kuroda (6 DRS), Yankees

National League

C - A.J. Ellis (0 DRS), Dodgers; Russell Martin (16 DRS), Pirates; Yadier Molina (12 DRS), Cardinals
Shafted: Wellington Castillo (19 DRS), Cubs

1B - Paul Goldschmidt (13 DRS), Diamondbacks; Adrian Gonzalez (11 DRS), Dodgers; Anthony Rizzo (16 DRS), Cubs

2B - Darwin Barney (11 DRS), Cubs; Mark Ellis (12 DRS), Dodgers; Brandon Phillips (1 DRS), Reds
Shafted: DJ LeMahieu (10 DRS in only 750 innings), Rockies

3B - Nolan Arenado (30 DRS), Rockies; Juan Uribe (15 DRS), Dodgers; David Wright (5 DRS), Mets

SS - Ian Desmond (-3 DRS), Nationals; Andrelton Simmons (41 DRS), Braves; Troy Tulowitzki (6 DRS), Rockies
Shafted: Clint Barmes, 12 DRS), Pirates

LF - Carlos Gonzalez (10 DRS), Rockies; Starling Marte (20 DRS), Pirates; Eric Young (2 RS), Mets

CF - Carlos Gomez (38 DRS), Brewers; Andrew McCutchen (7 DRS), Pirates; Denard Span (3 DRS), Nationals
Shafted: Juan Lagares (26 DRS), Mets; A.J. Pollock (15 DRS), Diamondbacks

RF - Jay Bruce (18 DRS), Reds; Jason Heyward (15 DRS), Braves; Gerardo Parra (36 DRS), Diamondbacks

P - Patrick Corbin (8 DRS), Diamondbacks; Zack Greinke (7 DRS), Dodgers; Adam Wainwright (4 DRS), Cardinals
Shafted: Julio Teheran (6 DRS), Braves), Mike Leake (6 DRS), Reds

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