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Yankees Prospects: Tyler Austin has been taken off the Scottsdale Scorpions AFL roster with an injury

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Christian Petersen

Tyler Austin has been taken off the roster for the Scottsdale Scorpions of the Arizona Fall League. He hadn't played in over a week, not since getting hit by a pitch on the elbow and experiencing pain in his wrist. It isn't known if the two are related in any way, but it is the same injury that kept him out of Double-A since mid-July until he return just in time for the end of the season. The injury doesn't seem to be serious, but the Yankees wanted to take him out as a precaution.

The Yankees were hoping to give him more at-bats and a chance to recover from his disappointing 2013 season. He was on the team as a first baseman in order to add to his versatility as an outfielder and an infielder. Now he'll have to take the rest of the offseason off and hope that he can have a better and healthier 2014.

With the removal of a player from the roster, the Yankees could have provided a new one to take his spot, however they decided not to and the Atanta Braves provided Elmer Reyes instead. Austin had only gotten into four games, but had already collected four hits, two walks, and three RBI with 12 at-bats. It's barely much of a sample size, but that's the Tyler Austin the Yankees want to see.

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