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Alex Rodriguez purchased evidence against MLB

J. Meric

Both sides of the Alex Rodriguez appeal hearing have compiled evidence and are ready to use it. Anthony Bosch testified that he has extensive text messages and emails that include conversations with A-Rod about PEDs from 2010 to 2012.

Joe Tacopina said that Rodriguez paid $305,000 for evidence, not about Biogenesis, but against MLB and their investigation of the case. He had paid $105,000 for documentation from two witnesses, which could amount to a cell phone containing sexually suggestive text messages between MLB investigator Dan Mullin and a female Biogenesis employee. $200,000 was also spent on a videotape that was never received. The tape was a recording of the money transfer between an MLB investigator and former Biogenesis employee Gary Jones in order to acquire documents.

If this is what he was actually buying, he would not be guilty of obstruction after all. However, his evidence doesn't look to be denying any steroids accusations, but continue his side's tactic of smearing MLB. If Bosch's evidence is that damning, there's no other option but to try and put as much doubt onto that evidence as possible. If MLB looks shady in their investigation then it could help make a 211-game suspension look uncalled for. A-Rod's side has now made it MLB's job to not only prove he did steroids, but to also disprove that they did anything wrong. Whether it works or not, it's pretty clever.

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