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Monday night open thread

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There's no baseball tonight as we await the beginning of the World Series, but that doesn't mean you can't hang out here and discuss whatever you'd like. The New York Giants will attempt to play football against the Minnesota Vikings this evening with emphasis on the word attempt. It hasn't been pretty so far.

Beyond that, entertain yourself with these questions and whatever else you'd like to talk about in the comments.

1. Did you watch Being: Mariano yesterday? What did you think?

2. Who will be the winner of the World Series and in how many games?

3. If we had a t-shirt design contest would you be interested? Are there any PSA/B-type shirts you'd buy if they were available?

4. Who will be Detroit's next manager after the retirement of Jim Leyland?

5. Which free agent will be the first to sign after the World Series?

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