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Yankees drop ticket prices for 2014 season

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The Yankees have announced a drop in ticket prices for the 2014 season. According to a press release, 96% of all tickets will either remain the same or decrease in price. A total of 9,000, or 18% of all tickets will drop in price, while 39,000, or 78% of all tickets will remain at the same price point. Another 2,000 tickets, or 4%, will see an increase in price.

The Grandstand and non-obstructed view seats, like the ones in right field, will remain the same price. Terrace Level tickets in six different sections will see a price drop from $40 to $28, and prices in another four sections will drop from $55 to $50. For the Main Level, two section will be decreased from $70 to $50, while another five sections will be decreased by $5 each. Sections 114A through 126 will also see a price drop in a range from $15 to $25 per ticket.

Beginning next season, seats in Sections 116 through 124 in Rows 12-21 will become Field MVP Club seats. Season tickets for this section will drop from $260 to $235 per game. Season ticket holders will now have access to the brand new Field MVP Club Lounge, which will be located on the Field Level Concourse. The 2014 season will welcome the addition of 10 new Outdoor Suite Boxes, which will be located in the Field MVP Sections. Along with these renovations, the Home Plate Team Store will be remodeled as well.

It seems that the only tickets that will be increasing in price are Field Level Section 132, Main Level Section 215 and 225 tickets and obstructed view Bleacher tickets in Sections 201 and 239.

Many have complained about the high prices of the new Yankee Stadium and the increased corporate presence with large amounts of private suites. Well, it looks like the Yankees listened to you, kind of. They gave us a small price drop, but they also added more private boxes and lounges! As for me, the bleachers remain the best seats in the house.

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