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Dodgers sign second baseman Alexander Guerrero, giving Robinson Cano one less suitor

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It appears Magic Johnson wasn't bluffing about the Dodgers not pursuing Cano after all.

Harry How

With the Los Angeles Dodgers seemingly throwing money around like they print it, it was easy to assume that they might present the biggest threat to the Yankees in signing Robinson Cano this offseason. Magic Johnson confirmed rumors that they team was not going to be interested in the Yankees' All-Star, but that's what anyone who was interested would say. After signing Alexander Guerrero to a four-year, $28 million contract today, it seems that the Dodgers are likely out of the Cano sweepstakes.

Guerrero will receive $10 million up front as a signing bonus from the Dodgers, and his four-year deal will ensure that he'll hit the market again after his age 30 season. If he performs well for the Dodgers, he could be looking at another decent payday with teams more willing to take a chance on a guy who has proven himself in MLB. Guerrero hit .290/.402/.576 in his final season in Cuba, prompting his agent, Scott Boras, to compare his power to Dan Uggla.

MLB Trade Rumors envisions a scenario in which the Dodgers could move Hanley Ramirez to third base, slide Guerrero over to shortstop, and still sign Cano to play second base, but they call that unlikely after all the rumors that the team wouldn't be an active suitor for Cano in the first place. If it's true that the Dodgers have no plans to drive up the price or sign Cano away, the Yankees have to be a little happier today. It's certainly no guarantee that they won't be faced with competition to bring back their second baseman, but it does mean that one team with extremely deep pockets might not make life more difficult for them in their attempts.

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