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Sporcle Quiz: Name Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte's catchers

Both pitchers had at least 20 catchers in their careers. Can you name them all?

Al Bello

After long careers in the major leagues, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte decided to call it quits in 2013. Given that they both spent almost 20 years in baseball, they obviously pitched to several different catchers over the years. Mo pitched to 24 catchers, and Pettitte pitched to 20 (including two Astros).

So here's a pair of Sporcle challenges for you: can you name all the catchers each pitchers used? The more frequent backstops will be easy, but the backups certainly offer a challenge.

Quiz 1: Can you name all the players to catch Mariano Rivera?

Quiz 2: Can you name all the players to catch Andy Pettitte?

Have at it, share your results, and as with last time when discussing the quizzes in the comments, please use the spoiler tag whenever you mention a player's name. (Highlight it, and then either hit Control-F or just click the little black square next to the link button in the comments box.)

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