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Pinstriped Bible Awards: 2013 AL & NL MVP

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Which player from each league did the staff vote to take home the top prize?

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The Pinstriped Bible staff took the Yankees' early exit from baseball this season to get a head start on all the voting that will take place this offseason for various awards and accolades. We only bothered with the three main awards: MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year for both the American and National Leagues. Earlier this week, we covered the Pinstriped Bible staff's results for Rookie of the Year and Cy Young. Today, we conclude with the American League and National League MVP award.

A first place vote was worth seven points in our voting system. Second place votes were worth four points, third place votes were worth three points, fourth place votes were worth two points, and fifth place votes were worth one point. The final rankings of the players were done by their point totals through this system.

Our vote almost certainly won't coincide with who the BBWAA gives the MVP award to, but Angels outfielder Mike Trout won the staff vote by a considerable margin. Trout managed to somehow double down on his video game numbers from a year ago with a .323/.432/.557 batting line with 27 home runs, 33 stolen bases, and a 176 wRC+. He topped 10 fWAR for the second consecutive year and will once again fall short of the MVP award because he plays on a bad team. Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera is undoubtedly one of the best hitters in baseball, which he showed against this year with an astounding .348/.442/.636 batting line with 44 home runs and a 192 wRC+. If you remove all other aspects from the game like defense and base running, Cabrera would likely have no competition. If you believe that there is more to being a complete player than just hitting, you see why Trout has an argument. Still, Cabrera's Tigers made the playoffs and Trout's Angels did not. That will likely be the difference in the actual voting.

Hey, a wild Yankee appeared! Robinson Cano actually finished fifth among the staff vote with possibly some homer bias running rampant, depending on how you look at it. Cano was one of the only bright spots on a team full of disappointment in the Bronx this season. He carried the team much farther than they would have otherwise gone without him in what might have been his last season in New York.

Player 1st place votes 2nd place votes 3rd place votes 4th place votes 5th place votes Total Points
Mike Trout 14 4 -- -- -- 114
Miguel Cabrera 4 10 4 -- -- 80
Josh Donaldson -- 4 6 4 4 46
Chris Davis -- -- 7 7 2 37
Robinson Cano -- -- 1 5 10 23
Evan Longoria -- -- -- 1 1 3
Max Scherzer -- -- -- 1 -- 2
David Ortiz -- -- -- -- 1 1

On the National League side, Andrew McCutchen got the nod for MVP among an incredibly strong crop of deserving players. McCutchen helped lead his Pirates to a playoff berth with his .317/.404/.508 batting line with 21 home runs and 27 stolen bases. He received first place votes from all but one voter in his runaway victory. Paul Goldschmidt appeared on every voter's ballot, spread out amongst every voting slot. He put up impressive numbers for a disappointing Diamondbacks squad, hitting .302/.401/.551 with 36 home runs and 15 stolen bases. Pinstriped Bible's NL Cy Young award winner Clayton Kershaw came in third in MVP voting.

Player 1st place votes 2nd place votes 3rd place votes 4th place votes 5th place votes Total Points
Andrew McCutchen 17 -- 1 -- -- 122
Paul Goldschmidt 1 7 2 2 6 51
Clayton Kershaw -- 3 6 2 -- 34
Carlos Gomez -- 4 2 2 2 28
Matt Carpenter -- 1 3 6 -- 28
Joey Votto -- 1 2 3 4 20
Yadier Molina -- 2 1 1 2 15
Yasiel Puig -- -- 1 -- 1 4
Freddie Freeman -- -- -- 1 -- 2
Jayson Werth -- -- -- 1 -- 2
Shin-Soo Choo -- -- -- -- 1 1

That's the way we voted. What do you think? Do you agree with our selections? What would you have changed?

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