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Could the Yankees sign Carlos Beltran?

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If he's interested, I'd sign him

Stephen Dunn

Carlos Beltran could be interested in playing for the Yankees once he hits free agency in November. He has previously shown interest before the 2005 season, where he famously offered to sign for a discounted rate before he was rejected and ultimately signed with Mets, and before the 2012 season before he signed with the Cardinals.

According to some sources, the Yankees could be in the market for a power hitter, after losing 100 home runs from in 2013. Other completely separate sources say that Beltran would still be interested in coming to the Yankees where he could play right field and DH. New York has an already filled outfield with Ichiro Suzuki, Brett Gardner, Vernon Wells, and Alfonso Soriano all under contract in 2014, but Beltran would be an offensive upgrade over all four. If talks become serious, Wells, who the Yankees are paying close to nothing, could be released.

The only other thing that could get in the way is Curtis Granderson. The Yankees are expected to give him a qualifying offer of $14.1 million this offseason and there is at least a chance that he could accept. If he does, it would seem that the outfield is full, but if not, Beltran could easily make up for the loss.

While the Yankees have previously lacked interest in Beltran because of his injury history, coming to the American League, and the designated hitter, for the first time since 2004 could help him stay healthy. If Alex Rodriguez is suspended, the $25 million the team saves could be put toward signing the 36-year-old outfielder and he could easily share time at DH with Derek Jeter.

While he might be on the wrong side of 30, he still hit .296/.339/.491 with 24 home runs (132 wRC+) in nearly a full season. As for his injury concerns, Beltran has now actually played his third straight season of 140 games or more, so he looks to be doing well, despite his age.

While the Yankees should look to get younger, Beltran could be a perfect Brian Cashman signing – someone who is productive, despite his age. If he's healthy and he's still willing to take a discount (one year deal?) there's no way the Yankees should let him go by a third time. They have a full outfield, but there's no reason to keep Wells if it means losing out on Beltran.

Of course, take all this "sources" nonsense with a grain of salt. Plus if the Cardinals giving him a qualifying offer he'd cost the Yankees a draft pick and i don't think that's the best course of action of the organization going forward.

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