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Masahiro Tanaka news round up

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Adam Pretty

We have three weeks before Masahiro Tanaka can officially be posted in order to come over to America and MLB. There will probably be lots to write about in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here is a round up of what has already been written so you can know more about Tanaka and root for the Yankees to win the bid to sign him.

ESPN New York | Andrew Marchand: While the posting system can get expensive, the Yankees benefit from the fact that the posting fee does not count toward the payroll. If they sign Masahiro Tanaka to a six-year $60 million contract like Yu Darvish signed, he would only be $10 million a year, which would fit perfectly into the $189 million budget.

Sports On Earth | Jack Gallagher: In the midst of probably the best season ever as a pitcher, Tanaka is the next Japanese phenom to make the move from NPB to MLB. He has always been considered a reliable starters, but now that he's been deemed as elite, scouts talk about what he is doing differently.

CBS Sports | Mike Axisa: Ben Badler has a scouting report with good things to say about Tanaka and he projects him to be an immediate No. 2 pitcher. He might not be as impactful as Darvish, but he will easily be the best free agent pitcher on the market this offseason.

Grantland | Jonah Keri: Tanaka has put together a very impressive resume, but it's difficult to determine how legitimate his numbers are when NPB's level of competition varies in such a large degree. When evaluating Japanese pitchers, scouts have to pay extra attention to every little detail in order to determine whether a pitcher can actually survive, and even thrive, in Major League Baseball.

Camden Depot | Jon Shepherd: While Yu Darvish is the strikeout pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka has a much better MLB projection because of his lower walk rate. He owes that to his pitch selection and a plus two-seamer and plus splitter.

The Japanese Times: Tanaka made history this season, winning his 12th pitcher of the month award and his fifth of the year.

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