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New York Mets don't expect to pursue Robinson Cano in free agency

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Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

According to sources, New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson is not interested in pursuing Robinson Cano in free agency. While some thought that they could sneak in and steal the All-Star second baseman, it's looking increasingly more likely that they'll stand pat on the high end free agent market.

That takes the Mets and Dodgers out as potential suitors for Cano this offseason. Now it looks like the Yankees' biggest competition could come from the Rangers andTigers.

The Rangers have a plethora of infielders, but with David Price likely to go on the market soon, it's possible that the Rangers acquire him in a package centered around Jurickson Profar. Then, if Ian Kinsler is moved to first base like they have long been rumored to be planning, the Rangers would have a perfect spot for Cano to slide right into.

The Tigers already have Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander in terms of giant contracts, but one thing they have been missing is a great second baseman to round out their infield. If they can wiggle him into the budget it could be a very feasible situation.

The Orioles, Pirates, Mariners, Giants, and Cubs could all be in on Cano to some degree as well.

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