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Paul O'Neill is interested in the Cincinnati Reds' managerial opening

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Paul O'Neill might be interested in managing. The Cincinnati Reds fired manager Dusty Baker following their elimination from the wild card game at the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates and are now looking for a replacement. The briefly had interest in Joe Girardi before he re-signed with the Yankees to a four-year $16 million contract.

O'Neill appeared on Michael Kay's radio show where he mentioned that Reds owner Bob Castellini reached out to him about his possible interest in the job.

"I would love to sit down and find out what their thoughts are," O'Neill told ESPN New York on Wednesday evening. "There are basically two organizations in my life, the Reds and the Yankees. Anytime you live in the city, you understand and see what happens in an organization.


"It is not a rebuilding situation," O'Neill said. "They are a very, very good team. I think anybody would be interested in taking a good team and winning a World Series."

He has yet to officially meet with Reds ownership, but knowing his history with the organization, an official interview could definitely be in the cards if he really wants it. I'm skeptical that Paul O'Neill is the managing type, but his time in the YES booth has told me that he has a lot of knowledge about the game that could be useful in some capacity. While I would miss him on the Yankees broadcasts, it would be great to see an ex-Yankee get the chance to manage at the major league level.

If he gets the job, he would join Tino Martinez (former Marlins hitting coach), Robin Ventura (White Sox manager), Joe Girardi, and Luis Sojo (Tampa Yankees manager) as former Yankees from the Dynasty Era with coaching/managing experience.

What do you say Yankees fans, would Paul O'Neill make a good manager? Hitting coach? Should he just stay in the booth?

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