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Travis Hafner: Seven Bullets (Updated)

A quick rundown of the apparently-pinstriped designated hitter.

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Travis Hafner, who the Yankees are apparently about to sign:

  • Has not played the field since 2007.
  • Has played in 429 of 810 possible games in that time.
  • Injuries have included knee surgery and back problems (2012), foot and abdominal strains (2011), and an endless series of right-shoulder problems going back to 2008.
  • Has hit .259/.353/.436 overall in that span. Per 162 games, which is kind of a funny thing to say about a guy who is always hurt, that works out to 23 home runs and 71 walks.
  • Splits from 2008-2012: .231/.302/.378 against left-handed pitchers, .269/.371/.457 against right-handers. He's batted a meaningless 27 times at the current Yankee Stadium and has five hits and one home run.
  • Progressive Field in Cleveland gives left-handed hitters a good boost on power, so Hafner's results with the Indians are likely reasonably representative of his results with the Yankees.
  • In short: he won't hit .308/.439/.659 again in this life, but it beats not having any left-handed power (or anyone) in the spot at all.

    Via Jon Heyman, Pronk gets $2 million plus incentives, one-year deal. ...I count 329 official DL days for his career, plus a lengthy day-to-day which would have been a DL stay had it occurred prior to September.