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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/31/13

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Tex Wants to Rock

Photographic evidence of Mark Teixeira's participation in Rock of Ages on Broadway. I have no words. Tex didn't want to "ruin the reputation of the show" by showing off his singing skills, so his appearance was merely a cameo. Maybe he could next worry about not ruining his reputation as a good hitter by hitting the ball the other way again.

Ex-Killer Bee:

Former Yankee and member of the Killer Bee trio, Andrew Brackman, has signed with the Chicago White Sox after bouncing around in the low levels of the Reds' farm system last season. Brackman was never able to put it together with the Yankees, but the White Sox thought they could use their magic to fix Dell Betances at one point, so why not try their luck at the other failed member of the Killer Bees instead?

Spring Training Telecasts:

ESPN will be broadcasting eight Grapefruit League games when Spring Training kicks off in Florida next month. The first televised game will be between the Cardinals and Yankees on March 11th, which will be the first of three nationally broadcasted games for the Yankees while down in Tampa. The other two will be against the Phillies and Red Sox.

Purported Plan's Potential Problems:

Will the lack of movement by the Yankees' this offseason help them get under the desired $189 million dollar payroll, or keep them from contention in the near future because they failed to bring in more talent? Players that the Yankees used to covet for the future are signing long-term deals with their current teams; a policy the Yankees have refused to adopt. It could get ugly sooner than later if the team doesn't come up with a better plan than the one they have executed this offseason.

Joe Posnanski on A-Rod:

Joe Pos writes all the words, as he typically does, on the Yankees' situation with A-Rod. Some have suggested committing insurance fraud to get out from under the deal, others think that releasing him and paying him to sit on a beach in Mexico would be preferable for some reason. Whatever the outcome with the investigation into Biogenesis, A-Rod and steroids are once again at the forefront of conversation. Posnanski thinks the potentially (but unlikely) impending end of the A-Rod/Yankees relationship will be ugly, but just how ugly remains to be seen.

Mark Montgomery heads up the second crop of prospects in the Yankees system, while Zoilo Almonte, who was ranked 19th prior to last season, dropped out of the top 31 entirely. Josh Norris attempts to predict the starting rotation for Trenton, as well as guessing at which prospects in the top 31 may see time in Double-A this season.