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Open Thread: There Aint No Catcher

Al Bello

If there's one thing the Yankees don't have, it's a catcher. Sure, they have guys who claim to be catchers, guys who have played catcher for various amounts of time, and even guys who could probably sit uncomfortably on their calves behind home plate during a game and act as a catcher, but make no mistake: they do not have a catcher.

The team's remedy for this problem so far has been to sign more guys who are not catchers, at least not in the sense we are looking for here. Bobby Wilson is barely more of a catcher than you or me. This is not solving the problem. Austin Romine is a 20-something with back problems, Chris Stewart makes pitchers look like competent hitters, and Francisco Cervelli would rather play catch with whoever is in center than actually be a catcher.

So, here's your thread to complain about the Yankees' shortcomings at backstop, or really anywhere you may see one. Take this opportunity to shout at the sky about the lack of right-handed hitting, the fact that the outfield may combine for 50 home runs if we're lucky, the potential of losing our best hitter to free agency because the team no longer spends money anywhere, or being depressed that whatever money is left will likely go into Centrum Silver by the truckload in hopes of keeping all the Seniors mobile.

Or maybe you could offer some coping suggestions for those who are less prepared to soberly deal with all the news from today and the potential of the current roster actually taking the field in April, if it comes to that. Asking for a friend.