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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/23/13

Andrew Burton

Joba on Youkilis and the Infamous Trampoline:

Joba Chamberlain called Kevin Youkilis to welcome him to the Yankees after he was signed, attempting to put the bad blood that had existed between them aside. Youkilis has yet to respond, but Joba seems confident they can put the entire matter to bed in Spring Training. He also mentioned selling the trampoline that caused him a dislocated ankle which kept him out of a chunk of last season.

Joltin' Joe's 1937:

Stacey Gotsulias looks back at one of the best seasons by one of the best of all time. Joe DiMaggio was an incredible baseball player and his 1937 season was simply outstanding.

Don Larsen on the Mend:

The Yankee great slipped on some ice and broke his hip, but is on his way back after having surgery to repair it. His doctors expect him to be fine in time for Spring Training.

Nick Swisher May Not Make It Back to the Bronx This Season:

The lovable former Yankee is set to return to New York with his new team in early June, but his wife is set to give birth to their first child right around that date. Lots of congratulations to Nick and JoAnna. I won't be sad to miss the chance for him to play against the Yankees this time around. Interviews Tyler Austin:

Austin talks being invited to big league Spring Training, his position changes, his battle with cancer, his amazing 2012 season, and much more. Having interviewed Tyler myself last summer, he seems like the kind of guy you can't help but want to succeed. Here's hoping it is with the Yankees and soon!