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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/22/13

Nick Laham

Core of the Yankees:

We know about the Core Four, but with those guys retired or on their way there, who represents the new core of the Yankees? You might say Robinson Cano if his contract weren't expiring, but Mike Axisa at CBS Sports says that Mr. CC Sabathia is actually the player worthy of that designation.

Speaking of CC:

The Yankees' ace was honored at the BBWAA dinner in Manhattan this past weekend. He was given the New York chapter's Joan Payson award for all his charitable activities. The attached video also shows off CC's new, slimmer physique.

Roster Set, or Maybe Not:

Brian Cashman says the Yankees are looking for additional players, but are not afraid to break for Tampa with the roster as it is currently. That may be a bit of a strategical move to avoid seeming desperate, but if Cash actually means business, a lot of holes will be filled with options that leave a bit to be desired.

Newest Yankee:

Move over, Russ Canzler and Matt Diaz! The Yankees have signed another guy who might be a fourth outfielder because clearly they were lacking enough options in that department. This one comes in the form of Thomas Neal, according to his own Twitter. He's solid defensively and has been surrounded by lots of potential offensively, though his career has kind of been all over the place in that regard. Chances are he starts the season with the RailRiders in Scranton.

Tex and Bunting...Again:

Why is this always a thing? Couldn't we focus on him just not pulling the ball as much instead? Why does it need to be a bunt? Doesn't seem to matter, because Tex says he tried to hit the ball the other way and it didn't work and you don't need to change things in the middle of a career. Oh, ok. That settles it then.