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Changes to the Masthead and a Note on Content

Well-deserved promotions for Andrew Mearns and Tanya Bondurant, and the last note on content forever and ever, amen.

We're long overdue in letting you know about a couple of role changes that took effect behind the scenes some time ago. Since bringing the Pinstriped Bible to SB Nation, I have relied on the fine contributors that were already here. It is not meant as a slight to any of them when I say that I have come to depend most on Andrew Mearns and Tanya Bondurant. Their day-in, day-out dedication has made it possible for me to work across the network's many baseball sites without worrying that the PB would fall into neglect. As such, if you look at our masthead today, you will that Andrew and Tanya are now listed as managers. In terms of what you see from them and the rest of us on the site, nothing should change. In terms of my leaning on them even more than I already do, the sky is now the limit. Congratulations and thank yous to both.

A quick note on content: This weekend, I availed myself of the opportunity to tell a story that was not about baseball on this blog, which I have been writing since the late 1990s. In that time, this has been, I would say, 99.1 percent about baseball and the rest of the time about the odd outside thing. Usually that "outside thing" has come in regards to the arts -- some book or film I wanted to recommend -- though at times, difficult real-world events had to be reflected here. In the days after 9-11, for example, there were sad and serious things to discuss not just because they had an impact on baseball, but because they had an impact on everything. I said what I hoped would be helpful, then said, in so many words, "The best service I can offer in these days is pure escapism," and so back into baseball we went. I am glad, though, that I took the time on it that I did, because it was what was on my mind, and this was never meant to be a blog that did not in some way reflect its author. Yes, it is primarily about the Yankees and baseball. No, that is not divorced from the people who contribute. Never has been, never will be.

One commenter on yesterday's post said, "Its funny but when I go to ESPN or SI or RAB, I don't see self indulgent stuff like this. Its one thing to force a stupid name on the folks here but its another to keep writing non-sports related dreck like this on a YANKEES blog." Funny thing -- this is the Pinstriped Bible, not ESPN, SI, or RAB. All of those sites do good work and I admire them for it, but if all we did here was duplicate their efforts then we wouldn't have much reason to exist.

As we head into the season, we intend to offer more content than ever before. If one or two pieces in a hundred is not squarely on baseball or indeed is not about baseball at all, particularly on a Sunday in mid-January, I have no problem with that at all. Several of the other sites around SBN do some off-topic articles and threads, and so will we. Like I said, we always have. If you feel a particular topic is not for you, then you can exercise your God-given right not to read it.Otherwise, we will continue to write about the game and anything else that comes to mind in what is, after all, the boundless internet, where there are no page counts, and writing about one thing doesn't preclude writing about anything else. I will continue to be as expansive as is necessary and encourage my colleagues here to do likewise.

Once again, congratulations to Andrew and Tanya. Long may they reign.