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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/21/13

Jim McIsaac

Yanks on Upton's No-Trade List:

Sometimes an obstacle, sometimes a formality, the Yankee appear on Justin Upton's no-trade list, according to Wallace Matthews. The outfielder has been readily made available by the Arizona Diamondbacks, but they haven't seen anything of interest in what the Yankees are offering. A deal is unlikely, sadly.

Stars > Winning?:

Is star power alone enough to put fans in the seats, or does it really come down to winning? Signing the biggest names, as the Yankees have generally done, is all fine and well but if those stars can't come together and actually win, what is the point?

The State of the YES Network:

The 10th anniversary of the Yankees' tv network passed in 2012, and finished as the most-watched regional sports network for the 10th straight year. That's not a real surprise, because the Yankees are seemingly everywhere, but thanks for sharing.

Baseball America's Jim Callis on the Yankees' System:

The Yankees rank as 11th on Callis' list of farm systems in MLB, in addition to also coming in 11th on four other BA writers' lists. Callis' reasoning for leaving them out of the top 10 is obvious: they lack major league-ready talent. Receiving particular praise from Callis were Brett Marshall, Mark Montgomery, Bryan Mitchell, and Jose Ramirez.

The Problem With Nunez:

Defense, right? Well, sort of. If Nunez was the player the Yankees want and need him to be, he could be filling in for Alex Rodriguez this season while easing into taking over for Derek Jeter's eventual retirement. Thanks to shaky defense, his future is as unknown as ever. Can he ever put it together and stop making mistakes in the field, or will the Yankees' hopes and dreams for him be ultimately for nothing?