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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/20/13

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

No Jorge Comeback:

Despite signing on to be an instructor during Spring Training, Jorge Posada will not be making a catching comeback, in case you thought there was a chance that might be a thing. The Yankees are pretty desperate for a catcher, but those days were already over for Jorge before he hung them up for the last time. It will be nice to have him around the team again, though.

Extensions, Extensions:

Should the Yankees drop their policy on extensions to lock up Joe Girardi and Robinson Cano? Honestly, I don't think Boras would even entertain the thought of an extension at this point. His client is coming off a great year and is set up for a huge payday this offseason. His incentive to cut the Yankees a deal now is nonexistent. Would you be willing to keep Girardi around indefinitely, or seek out greener managerial pastures when his current contract expires?

Good News For A-Rod:

Dr. Bryan Kelly found less cartilage damage in Alex Rodriguez's hip than was previously expected. Based on this finding, the doctor believes A-Rod's chances of returning to his pre-injury performance is more likely. Sounds like a best case scenario, all things considered.

Sad Day For Baseball:

Baseball greats Stan Musial and Earl Weaver passed away yesterday at the ages of 92 and 82, respectively. Both Hall of Famers left a permanent mark on the game as we know it, and their loss was certainly felt all throughout Major League Baseball. Rest in peace, fellas.