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New Changes to SB Nation United & The Pinstriped Bible

Ch-ch-changes to the ever-evolving SBNU experience.

Bruce Bennett

Since rolling out the SB Nation United design overhaul a few months ago, the SBN team has been listening to the feedback of what readers would most like to see tweaked. This is what they have come up with for this release, though they are working all the time to make improvements where necessary. The changes this time around are as follows:

1. The menu bar across the top now features links to fanshots, fanposts, and more PB-centric things. The list of all SB Nation blogs can still be found by rolling over the SB Nation logo on the far right, which brings back up the menu bar that has been there since the United release.

2. An option for smaller cover pictures exists now, which is what we are using now for the sake of example. All the templates we have been using are not yet available in the smaller size, so you may see the standard size return on PB from time to time.

3. Fanposts and fanshots have now been moved back to the right side of the page, as they were before United. Their position on the page itself has also been moved to be more toward the top, in addition to an increase in their size. All of this was done with the hopes of making that section more visible. You can do your part there by writing quality fanposts that can now once again be front paged as the writing staff sees fit, the same way that was possible pre-United.

4. Links to the Pinstriped Bible's Twitter, Facebook, Masthead, and Guidelines are now positioned above the fanposts section on the right side. You can also find an easy link to creating a fanpost or fanshot from this same area, as well as accessing the search function. If you ever need to email one of the writers for whatever reason, our emails are linked beside our names on the Masthead.

5. The River (the area below the cover) has now been moved to the left side instead of moving in a zig-zag pattern down the page to increase the ease of scanning, as well as a down-sizing of photo size within the section.

The original thread over at Blog Huddle goes into any and all detail that I may have left out from the guys who know the update best. Feel free to discuss and leave your feedback on these changes below or at the new Blog Huddle thread here, where the developers roam to answer questions and concerns. That is how improvements are made, after all.