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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/18/13

Jim Rogash

Re-upping Joba:

The Yankees avoided arbitration with Joba Chamberlain with a one-year deal worth $1.875 million dollars. Gotta bet that he desperately wishes he'd gotten more of a chance to be a starter after seeing Phil Hughes' payday this week.

More WBC News:

Robinson Cano and Francisco Cervelli join Mark Teixeira as Yankees on their respective country's roster for the World Baseball Classic. Cano will be playing for the Dominican Republic team while Cervelli will suit up for Italy. Andy Pettitte is still in "wait and see" mode for Team USA. A slew of former Yankees, including Russell Martin, Melky Cabrera, Alfredo Aceves and more will also take part in the competition.

Policy on Extensions Should Go:

The Yankees do not negotiate with players before their contract is up. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Should that be the case? Not under the new budget limitations, it shouldn't. Locking up a young player long term before he gets expensive got the Rays a steal on Evan Longoria, and they are hardly alone in benefitting from such a policy. Re-thinking that policy sooner rather than later should be a priority.

I Couldn't Disagree More:

Sometimes people write things about the Yankees that baffle me. This is one such thing. I can't imagine why anyone would be pining over the loss of Rafael Soriano to the Nationals. He was a fine closer last year in the absence of Mariano Rivera, absolutely. He opted out for more money; money that the Yankees really haven't been throwing around to more vital parts of a team than the guy who pitches in the 8th inning and pouts about it. I don't get it. Maybe I'm not supposed to.