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Alex Rodriguez's Hip Surgery Complete and Successful


Dr. Bryan Kelly successfully surgically repaired Alex Rodriguez's torn hip labrum today, putting the third baseman on track to return to the field just after the All-Star break if his recovery goes as planned. The good doctor feels confident that the surgery can get A-Rod back to the level he was before the injury. Six to twelve weeks of his rehab will be spent doing range-of-motion exercise until all tissue in the hip has healed and intense physical therapy and strengthening can begin on his way to returning to baseball activities.

In the mean time, the Yankees will look to Kevin Youkilis at the hot corner. In 122 games last season, Youk put together a .235/.336/.409 batting line with 19 home runs for the Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox. Should that not go as planned until June, third base duty would likely fall to some combination of Eduardo Nunez, Jayson Nix, or David Adams. That thought is at least a little terrifying, so Plan A really needs to work. Get well soon, Centaur.