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Old Time Family Baseball's Charity Blogathon Demands Your Nickel

Michael Clair's annual charity event for Doctor's Without Borders kicks off this Saturday and the Pinstriped Bible will be there.

This Saturday, Michael Clair of Old Time Family Baseball will hold his second annual charity blogathon for the very worthy organization Doctors Without Borders, or as it is known around the world, Médecins Sans Frontières. No, that's not a code for Nurses Sans Culottes. If you've not heard of them, this is an organization that sends medical professionals into war zones, hot zones, and even foul territory to deliver help where it's needed. Mr. Clair will be posting a new piece every half-hour for 24 hours. The next day, he will go for another 24 hours, this time with guest-posters galore. I don't know the whole roster, but I figure it must be pretty good because he was willing to squeeze me in there, kind of like a 12:50 sketch on "Saturday Night Live." Donating also gets you entered into a raffle to win baseball stuff.

Read the posts as they go live, but you don't have to wait until Saturday to donate. You can do it now. Remember: the life you save may be your own ... or Alex Rodriguez's. That's assuming he does his rehab somewhere like the Korean Demilitarized Zone, which, let's face it, sounds like an A-Rod kind of thing to do. Forget the land mines, he could run into one of these ... or these. That would be really bad, because then he'd probably have himself painted as a uni-bear, or a leopard-man, or a tauntaun or something. I don't imagine having yourself painted as a half-man, half-George Lucas creature would violate the standard morals clause of an MLB contract, but it probably should. In any case, please read along with Michael Clair, but more than that, donate to a good cause.

Sunday Morning Update: Mr. Clair reports, "We have just topped $2,100 on our way to $3,000. That is such a small number that if each person was to give $1, $5, or even $10, we could knock this thing out in no time. Click here to donate and remember there are some wonderful raffle prizes at stake."

Give if you can, it's for a good cause. My piece, a reminiscence of ol' Wayne Tolleson, should be along later today.