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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/16/13

USA Today Sports

Waiting On Hairston:

The Yankees have been pursuing former Met Scott Hairston, who is expected to make his decision by the end of the week. Word on the street is that it is unlikely Hairston will actually end up in the Bronx, but his signing will set the tone for other right-handers, which the Yankees have been desperately in the market for.

Cashman On Pettitte in the World Baseball Classic:

It's natural to feel a little apprehension about such an important, yet fragile, piece of the Yankees' rotation pitching in an unnecessary setting, but Brian Cashman made it clear that teams have no say over a player's participation in the WBC unless they are injured. Here's hoping Andy and all other Yankees participating will make it out unharmed.

Kevin Long Re-Working Youk's Swing:

The Yankees' hitting coach has already begun working with Kevin Youkilis after viewing video tape of his batting stance from 2008. With Alex Rodriguez out until at least June, Youkilis will be an integral part of the team's offense, so any magic K-Long can work will certainly be welcome.

Pumped To Be A Yankee:

Ichiro Suzuki is really excited to be a Yankee again, you guys. I didn't agree with the decision to bring him back for two years, but he seems to really enjoy getting to play for the Yankees, and that's at least a little endearing. Please be the player you were in New York after the trade and not at the end of your time in Seattle, Suzuk.