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New York Yankees News & Notes: 1/15/13

Nick Laham

Past Mistakes and the Present:

Chad Jennings looks at some of the moves by the Yankees which got them into their current predicament in trying to avoid the new CBA's tax penalties. Alex Rodriguez's contract, trading Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero, and the reluctance to give a young player a shot over an aging veteran have all gotten the Yankees to where they are now. Can they learn from those mistakes?

That Other Big Contract:

Mark Teixeira doesn't get half the air time that Alex Rodriguez does for being kind of underwhelming after signing a huge contract that greatly limits the Yankees' flexibility. Tex has been known to go on offensive hiatuses and refuses to do much but pull the ball these days, but his defense is indisputably top notch. Is that enough?

Andy '13:

Last year, Andy Pettitte was probably a little better than expected after rejoining the rotation following a year's trip to the retirement home. What will he be able to provide the Yankees in 2013, and can he manage to stay healthy? His salary for this season is less forgiving than last year's, so the team will need him to contribute at the level he did when he wasn't on the shelf with a broken leg in 2012.

Vazquez Part III?:

Sorry to ruin your latest meal, but the Yankees are one of the teams that have scouted the infamous Javy Vazquez, who has flirted with the idea of a return to major league baseball. Scouts have apparently raved about what they've seen from him, but another failed trip to the Bronx may just put fans over the edge.