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MLB Trade Deadline: Cashman offered Phillies Tom Kahnle for Michael Young

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Cashman offered Ruben Amaro of the Phillies minor league reliever Tom Kahnle and $ 5 million for Michael Young on deadline day, but the Phillies general manager said no. He was prepared to give up talent that was closer to the majors, but Amaro rejected that idea too. Cashman also inquired on Carlos Ruiz, but Amaro said he was not available because the Phillies had no one to replace him.

Amaro didn't feel that Kahnle was a good enough prospect to give up his "best bat" and the money wasn't a concern. Kahnle has a 2.42 ERA, 13 saves, and a 10.5 K/9, but also a 6.0 BB/9 in 44.2 innings. He has high-strikeout potential, but has struggled with his control in his first year in Double-A.

A pitcher like this might not be much, but it's certainly valuable when the alternative is to get absolutely nothing back. Now Young will become a free agent and the Phillies will get nothing in return.

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