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2013 MLB Trade Deadline: Yankees should be sellers

Mike Stobe

The 2013 season could be summed up as "Father Time" for the Bronx Bombers. Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, and Derek Jeter's injury problems have put the Yankees offense in quite a bind. So much so that they currently sit at nineteenth in total offense, according to ESPN's MLB team stats. The issues the Yankees offense are currently going through had to come to fruition at some point and that time has finally come. The Yankees sit in third place in the AL East and without their stellar pitching this team would be far worse.

The All-Star break is quickly approaching and the Yankees are just five games up on the last place Blue Jays. Yes, this is the New York Yankees, but even they have to be sellers at some point and 2013 has been one of those seasons where they must swallow their pride and admit they're probably not seriously contending this year or for the next few either.

Vernon Wells' hot start seems like forever ago now that he's hitting .228/.266/.368 with a .275 wOBA. Yikes. Wells has certainly returned to the player Angels fans loathed, but with the lineup missing lots of pieces he's going to keep finding his way into the lineup.

One of the biggest surprises this season has been how the Yankees have been able to survive with their infield being in the constant state of flux that it has been in all season. Obviously, Cano has been stellar with his 137 WRC+, but the rest of the infield has been a mess.

So, if the Yankees do decide to sell in order to start getting younger, who can they move that could bring in a relatively nice return?

Four players that make the most sense moving at the deadline are Hiroki Kuroda, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Curtis Granderson.

Kuroda has been the best pitcher for the Yankees this season. His value is at the highest it will ever be and, even though it'd sting to move a pitcher as good as Kuroda, a contender would probably be willing to pay a steep price for him. If Cashman is serious about selling, Kuroda has to be priority numero uno.

The Yankees bullpen has been solid, for the most part, this season thanks to Boone Logan, David Robertson and Mariano Rivera, but Joba seems to be the odd man out. As we know, contending teams are always looking to add late inning bullpen help to prepare for a deep playoff run.

The Yankees will probably soon have to decide who they'd rather commit a rotation spot to long term; Hughes or David Phelps. Phelps has been the better pitcher in 2013 and, with Hughes being 27, what he is right now is probably what he's going to be for the next couple of seasons. It'd be best for both parties to move on.

Granderson has been injured this season and, even though his glove has taken a step back, he still has a lot of value as a player, offensively. That said, Granderson is a free agent after this season and it's likely the Yankees focus will be on Robinson Cano rather then re-upping Granderson to a new deal. Moving him also frees up Zoilo Almonte an outfield spot for the rest of the season, along with Ichiro Suzuki and Brett Gardner.

Don't be the White Sox, Brian Cashman. Just sell.

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