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MLB Trade Deadline 2013: Yankees quiet as time runs out

Jim McIsaac

Acquiring Alfonso Soriano from the Cubs looks to be the only move the Yankees will make to try and improve their team as the 2013 trade deadline has come and gone. As the 4:00 pm cutoff drew near, rumors were flying that the Yankees might be the favorite for Phillies infielder Michael Young and that teams were making offers for impending free agent Phil Hughes. It appears that none of those deals came to pass before the deadline.

Unfortunately, the Yankees not making a move leaves their offense in a bad place if they hope to make a push for a playoff spot this fall. It seems increasingly likely that Francisco Cervelli and Alex Rodriguez will be suspended for at least some amount of time when Biogenesis punishments are handed out later this week. That leaves Curtis Granderson, and Kevin Youkilis if you believe that he isn't actually done for the season, as the only bat the team can count on returning to the lineup.

There are still ways for the Yankees to make moves, however. Players will now be placed on waivers and can be claimed by teams through the normal waiver process. The Yankees being one of the lower teams still in striking distance of a playoff spot could snag someone like Young off waivers if the Phillies are still interested in unloading him.

It seems unlikely that the Yankees can hope for much more than they have been getting out of their struggling offense. Maybe a few players here and there get hot, but corner infield and catcher both remain very big question marks for the team. It's possible that nothing was on the market that was worth the price it would cost to acquire them but watching their competition (Orioles, Red Sox, Rangers) get better around them while the Yankees just stood still has to be concerning for their chances of actually making it past the teams they need to beat.

Are you content with the Yankees' decision to stand pat at the deadline? Did you feel like they missed out on someone that might have really made a difference?

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