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MLB Trade Deadline 2013: Open Thread


Today is the day, folks. At 4:00 pm EDT today, the non-waiver deadline to trade players will be over for the year. The Yankees have made some sort of trade on July 31 in nine of the last ten years. If that history holds, we could be in for another move or two as the day unfolds.

If there is a move to be made, the Yankees need to upgrade their offense while there is still time. A corner infielder, a catcher, or a combination of those options would go a long way toward getting this team moving in the right direction. Without a trade for those pieces, even with the return of Curtis Granderson looming, it could be a frustrating rest of the summer. Brian Cashman said ownership wants to go for it. This is their chance to show that they are prepared to do that, because this team won't be going for anything without some more offense.

Feel free to post any reactions to rumors or trades that occur throughout the day in the comments below. Discuss available players you'd like to see the Yankees get and whatever else you feel like discussing on a random Wednesday. How will the Biogenesis suspensions that are expected to be announced later this week play into today's deadline?

We'll be here all day with news and reaction to anything the Yankees decide to do. Hope you'll stick around too.

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