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MLB Trade Rumors: Michael Young will only approve trade to Rangers

Pasta Diving Face
Pasta Diving Face
Dilip Vishwanat

Michael Young could be on the verge of being traded now that the Phillies have called up third baseman Cody Asche. Nothing is confirmed, but the Yankees have stated they don't have a deal in place. If the Phillies are benching Young, it could be because of an imminent trade or it could be for precautionary measures like the White Sox are doing with Jake Peavy and the Astros are doing with Bud Norris.

Either way, Michael Young has a no trade clause and will only approve a trade to the Rangers, which is funny, because he had previously requested to be traded from them on two separate occasions after he was asked to move to a new position. He was finally traded to Philadelphia in the offseason with the Rangers eating $10 million of the remaining $16 million on his contract. It should be interesting how a trade like this works, if this actually turns out to be something.

Michael Young would be a perfect addition to the Yankees at the right price because he could play third base and platoon at first base with Lyle Overbay and would instantly upgrade the team. However, it's still Michael Young, who is really not that good, so if he only wants to go back to the Rangers, let him. It would be way funnier if that happened.


Ok, now I feel like a jerk. I understand not wanting to go any further away than Philadelphia, which would essentially be the Yankees or Red Sox, but there has to be another team out there that wants him and is at least closer to Texas.


Michael Young has officially crossed the Yankees off his wish list and is still saying he would only go back to the Rangers.

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