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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees and Cubs agree to Alfonso Soriano trade, MLB approves (maybe)

David Banks

The Yankees and Cubs have agreed to a deal that would send Alfonso Soriano to the New York Yankees in return for what looks to be a pitching prospect. The Cubs are picking from a list of prospects and it could come down to either Corey Black or Tom Kahnle and another player.

It is unclear just how much money the Yankees will be taking on, however, it is supposed to be less than $10 million of the total $25 million between 2013 and 2014. Jon Heyman says the Yankees will pay between $7-8 million and Buster Olney believes the Cubs will pay $17.7 million and the Yankees will pay $6.8 million, including $5 million in 2014.

Right now there are conflicting reports on whether or not MLB has approved such a trade, but it looks like Soriano has waived his no trade clause to make the transaction official. Apparently Soriano is scheduled to be in the Yankees lineup tonight after taking a red eye flight to New York.

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