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Yankees Trade Chip: Adam Warren

The trade deadline is approaching and the Yankees are still in need of some help. Today we take a look at another chip the Yankees have to put on the table; Adam Warren.

I think an alien is trying to burst out from his chin.
I think an alien is trying to burst out from his chin.

Adam Warren. Remember him? Sure you may not have seen that handsome face in a while, but rest assured he is still on the team. Adam Warren has provided the Yankees with very stable and efficient work out of the bullpen. He has even started a game or two over the course of this somewhat injury-prone year. His primary problem is that he's on the Yankees. On another team, he might have much more value. Maybe much more value is stretching it a bit, but hey we traded Hector Noesi away at one point.

Warren has the possibility of reaching for the stars and pitching outside of the pen. He's like the new Hector Noesi, only better. Slightly better. The 26-year-old University of North Carolina alumni was one of the many starters who competed for a spot in the rotation in spring training. He never really had a fair chance against Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, or even David Phelps. Factor that in with Michael Pineda eventually coming back from an injury and Manny Banuelos eventually rising like a phoenix from the ashes (please let this happen), Warren is left stranded on the island of misfit mops.

Having said all that, Warren left an impression of a potentially serviceable starter. Let's not kid ourselves, that's all Warren will probably ever amount to. But let's also not kid ourselves into thinking that a lot of major league baseball teams could not use a serviceable starter like Adam Warren. The San Francisco Giants are starting Chad Gaudin. Starting, as in he is coming into games in the first inning instead of the 4th after Freddy Garcia has given up eight runs in 2.2 innings. Amazingly enough, it's working out for them. If Chad Gaudin, the Swiffer of most organizations, can start games for a major league team then so can Adam Warren. Just not on the Yankees.

Even if he's not prime starter material, there are teams in desperate need of bullpen help. Just like with Dellin Betances, the last trade chip we talked about, he could potentially be packaged into a deal for a bat or two or some B to C level prospect we can mold into pinstriped wearing Adonises. Perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit. The main point is that Warren has too many things going against him with the way the Yankees are currently set up with pitching. Whether the Yankees can win this year or not, Adam Warren would have a greater chance to pitch in more games with another franchise. Maybe we can get something back for him that we need. Like some infield prospects. Or Chad Gaudin.

Seriously, how is Gaudin pitching this well? Is it the NL West Coast bias? Could that bias work for Adam Warren?Answer me,!

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