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MLB Trade Rumors: Alfonso Soriano willing to waive no-trade clause for Yankees


Reports the other night were that the Yankees and Cubs were nearing a deal that would send Alfonso Soriano back to the Bronx. Those talks stalled a bit over a dispute of how much money each side would be obligated to pick up on the 37-year-old outfielders remaining contract. As of today, it sounds yet again like a deal may happen.

Soriano gave a list of teams he'd waive his no-trade clause for to Theo Epstein, which is said to include the Yankees. Like most baseball players, Soriano wants another chance to potentially make it to a World Series, and realizes he has a better chance with the Yankees than he does with the Cubs. Reports are that Soriano seems ready to be moved, particularly in a trade back to New York.

The Yankees and Soriano have been connected plenty of times in the past, but nothing has ever come of those rumors. Soriano believes that this represents the closest he has come to being traded, although he admits that nothing is 100% as of yet. That would seem to indicate that if a move isn't imminent, it may not be far off. The Yankees could use his production in their lineup as soon as possible.

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