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Yankees Trade Chip: Dellin Betances

We've talked about trade targets as the deadline approaches, so now it's time to discuss what chips the Yankees have to put on the table. Let's take a look at Dellin Betances.

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In case you have missed the games, daily news, comments, posts, tweets, or apocalyptic warning signs, the Yankees are in need of some help this season. Injuries, injuries, and more injuries have left this team a shell of its former self. Some pieces may soon be rejoining the team in the coming weeks, and only time will tell if they will help this year but you can be sure that Brian Cashman will not just stand by and do nothing in case they don't. The trade deadline is approaching and it's time to examine what we have to trade.

If you've been following our Mother of Dragons' Baby Bombers posts, like you should be, you might have noticed that Dellin Betances has been moved from the starting rotation to the bullpen. It was a questionable move considering that his issues were primarily his lack of control in the first inning. And the second inning. The third and fourth, as well. Too many walks and lack of control would make anyone ponder why he'd be used in even a mop up role. Put the mop away for now.

Tanya asked me, via threat of cannon, to take a look at his stats as a reliever this year. They are impressive. They are so impressive that you almost wonder what he's doing down there instead of replacing Joba Chamberlain in the big leagues. There's not much more Betances can do in the minor leagues. It's just about time to start getting some return on the investment, whether it be with us or as a trade chip.

This year the Yankees' bullpen has been one of their saving graces. I have the privilege of watching almost every team in the majors play baseball. There are many, many teams out there that could use help in their bullpen. It's why the Yankees are shopping Joba so aggressively. He's like the cologne a Macy's employee sprays in your eyes as you enter the fragrance section. If Joba does not attract some teams, Cashman might start spraying "Dellin," whose name should only be whispered softly from now on, in their faces instead.

Dellin is still fairly young and is finally showing some real potential, other than his new cologne-ish sounding first name. The Yankees could very well bring him up, but they still have Adam Warren for the role they would probably use Dellin in. The real problem is that bullpen Dellin Betances has yet to show if he can transfer his surprising performance from the minors to the majors. We might see what he can do sooner rather than later though, if even just to showcase his stuff for potential buyers before the end of the trade season.

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