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Yankees trade target: Mike Olt


The New York Yankees' left side of the infield certainly hasn't been productive in 2013, but perhaps the bigger issue is the tremendous amount of uncertainty surrounding the third base and shortstop positions long-term. Even if the Yankees get Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter back for the second half of the season, neither can be counted on going forward.

Rather than trading or signing more temporary Band-Aids like Kevin Youkilis, it's time Brian Cashman finally added youth to the left side of the infield that can be counted on going forward. One prospect who fits that bill is Texas Rangers third baseman Mike Olt.

He was ranked as the #22 ranked prospect by Baseball America before the 2013 season and has posted a line of .211/.312/.399 for the Round Rock Express. Olt has been dealing with eye issues all season long that has landed him on the disabled list and likely the reason he's struggled as much as he has in Triple-A this season.

The Rangers previously had interest in Joba Chamberlain, but with the way he's pitched this season it's not likely the Rangers are as interested as they were in the spring. Olt's injury and vision problems look like they've hurt Olt's trade value this season, which could be a really good thing for the Yankees if they decide to really try and acquire the prospect. Olt actually grew up a Yankees fan, so that's a plus right there.

Olt is just simply not as bad as his 2013 Triple-A numbers indicate. What he did in 2012 is probably closer to what he really is as a player, when healthy; a .288/.398/.579 batting line, along with 28 home runs and a WRC+ of 168. He has a lot of raw power and playing in Yankee Stadium half the year would certainly be beneficial for him.

His major weakness at the plate is his high strikeout tendencies, which hasn't really substantially improved thus far. Olt has his problems, but his raw power and defense is something the Yankees infield could really use, not only for this season but long-term as well.