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MLB Trade Rumors: Heavy interest in Michael Young could still make him available


The Phillies have already said they're not going to be sellers at the deadline and that Michael Young is not available in a trade, however, the continued heavy interest in Young and their recent misfortunate could force their hand. Ruben Amaro Jr. said his team was a buyer, not a seller, but then Ryan Howard tore his meniscus and Ben Revere broke his foot and now they're five and a half games out of a wild card spot and both are due back in six to eight weeks. Meanwhile, the Red Sox and Yankees have shown interest in the third baseman/first baseman/second baseman/shortstop.

Boston would use him exclusively at third base now that Will Middlebrooks is back in Triple-A after hitting .192/.228/.389 and the hot hitting Jose Iglesias could be slowing down (.192/.228/.389 over the last two weeks). The Yankees would use him at both third base and first base, where he would produce better than Luis Cruz, Jayson Nix and whoever else they can stick at the hot corner. The right-handed hitting Young is actually hitting righties better than lefties this season, but he'd still be a better option against southpaws than Lyle Overbay (.220/.317/.385 vs. .198/.247/.309).

Alex Rodriguez is a week away from returning, but he's such an unknown at this point that it would be foolish to wait for a soon-to-be-38-year-old coming off of his second hip surgery and peg all your hopes at third base on him. Kevin Youkilis is probably gone for the season, so Young would represent the backup starter that they wanted in the first place. If A-Rod comes back ready to go, they could easily slip him or Young in as the DH against lefties.

The Phillies don't want to be sellers, but it's becoming more and more likely that it's the best thing to do and the Yankees could reap the benefits.

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