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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees could do nothing, says Bob Klapisch

Jason Miller

According to Bob Klapisch of the Boston Herlad, Yankees fans might have to be prepared for the Yankees to do nothing this month. The team might be in desperate need of some kind of offensive boost, but it's possible that Brian Cashman might not find anyone worth pursuing or giving up prospects for.

For those waiting (praying) for GM Brian Cashman to pull off a monster deal in the next two weeks, don't risk your health. "There's not a lot out there for (Cashman)," said one rival executive, who pointed out that Michael Young, who could theoretically help, isn't currently available.

For those hoping the Yankees swing a deal for someone like Giancarlo Stanton (which should be everyone), it's likely not going to happen this offseason. They might be destined to sit and wait for what little scrap moves they can make to improve the team.

However, the Phillies are believed to still be buyers, so Michael Young is out of the picture, Alex Rios and Alexei Ramirez are available, but still have a lot of money on their contracts, and Kendrys Morales and Michael Morse might require too much for a rental. The Yankees are in the unfortunate position of inbetweeners; not out of the race, but not buying from a position of strength, so Cashman might have to get creative to find something helpful.

If the Yankees are buyers, they could look to trade Joba Chamberlain, who might not actually have any value left, and Phil Hughes. If the Yankees are sellers they could also trade Hiroki Kuroda, but Curtis Granderson could miss the entire month of July.

The trade market isn't particularly strong this season and what is available may not be worth the price, so be prepared for the Yankees to sit still and continue to hope things turn around, even if they really can't.

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