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2013 MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees' first baseman trade targets

The Yankees could lose Mark Teixeira for the season, so here are a few first basemen that the Yankees might target to replace him

Dilip Vishwanat

Matt Adams - The Cardinals don't really have a place to play Adams, with Allen Craig at first base, so they could choose to sell high on him and get something they might actually need. He clobbers right-handed pitching and would be under contract through 2019.

Chris Carter - He is a fringe major leaguer who is having an average season for the Astros after a strong showing in 2012. He has an even platoon split and, at 26, is under team control through 2019.

Tyler Colvin - He won't be a free agent until 2017 and just got called up this season. He was an above-average hitter in 2012 (117 wRC+), but benefitted greatly from playing for the Rockies. He has the ability to play both first base and outfield, so he brings some flexibility.

Michael Cuddyer - He has been an above-average player throughout his career, but he was given a ridiculous contract by the Rockies and would have $10.5 million due to him in 2014. He has hit lefties well (132 wRC+) throughout his career and can also play the outfield.

Brad Hawpe - The Angels brought him back after he sat out the 2012 season. This would be a scrapheap deal to fill a roster spot and won't improve anything, though he does have a 118 wRC+ against right-handers.

Todd Helton - The Rockies' longtime franchise player is coming to the end of his contract at the age of 40 and is probably having the worst season of his career. If they want to salary dump his $5 million contract, then the Yankees would have their full time first baseman for the rest of the season.

Paul Konerko - The 37-year-old is in the last year of his contract with the White Sox and he could be heading for retirement. He's had a pretty down year, but he has hit lefties well (124 wRC+) and could slide in as one half of a first base platoon. The biggest problem is that he has $12 million left on his contract, but if Chicago has a fire sale, he could be a decent pickup.

Kendrys Morales - He is owed $5.2 million from the Mariners this season and is on his way to one of the best offensive seasons of his career. The switch hitter has had some trouble hitting right-handers this season, which he has hit well throughout his career, but is hitting left-handers very well (160 wRC+) instead.

Justin Morneau - He has $14 million owed to him this year, but he's been a league-average hitter against right-handers and struggled against lefties with the Twins. He does have a .458/.536/1.000 batting line in 56 plate appearances, so he could benefit from the short porch.

Logan Morrison - He's dealt with a few injuries, but when he's healthy he is an above-average hitter. He could easily serve as the team's right-fielder and first baseman and his non-existent platoon splits would allow him to serve as the DH against lefties. Morrison is only 22 25, under team control until 2017 and has soured in the eyes of the Marlins. He could really be a longterm helpful solution if he can regain his form.

Michael Morse - He is owed $6.7 million this year and is absolutely destroying left-handed pitching this year (181 wRC+). Morse could benefit a move into the AL East where he would play a majority of his games in Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards, and Fenway Park instead of Safeco Field with the Mariners.

Carlos Pena - The $2.9 million Astros first baseman would be an easy candidate for a midseason trade. Historically, he has not hit lefties well, but his splits have reversed this year and he has a 126 wRC+ against them.

Brett Pill - He would be a quick and easy pick up from the Giants as a Quadruple-A 28-year-old player. He's under contract until 2019 and hasn't had much chance at the MLB level, but don't expect much.

Mark Reynolds - The Cleveland Indians could become sellers at the deadline and try to trade off their $6 million corner infielder. He has a career 123 wRC+ against lefties and could play the corners, though he's not a very good defensive third baseman

Michael Young - He would essentially be a better Jayson Nix because he can play every positon in the infield while providing league-average offense. With a 117 wRC+ against left-handers, he could the first baseman against lefties and move around on the left side of the infield as needed. The Yankees would have to take on a portion of the Phillies' $6 million, since the Rangers are still paying for $10 million of his 2013 season.

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