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Yankees 2, Rays 5: And We're Tied...

You probably wanted some words about this game. Those are after the jump.

- Freddy Garcia gave up five runs and three of them were homers. He walked four.

- As good as Nick Swisher was before, that's how bad he is now. He struck out three times.

- Robinson Cano hit his 29th homer, tying his career high. Those runs were the only ones the Yankees scored.

- Joe Girardi was tossed from the game. The Yankees are now 2-2 when that happens.

- Joba Chamberlain looked the best he has since returning from the DL. Silver lining if there is one.

- Chris Dickerson has been a welcome addition since joining the team on Sept. 1st. Can't do it by himself, though.

Baseball just isn't fun right now. Writing about it is even less fun.