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Bulleting Down the Tracks, Arriving Soon: SB Nation United

It has been a time of rapid change for the Pinstriped Bible and SB Nation as a whole, and the biggest change of all will arrive shortly. In the near future, this site and all of its sister sites will have a very different appearance. We're streamlining the experience, pulling off the tailfins for better handling and fuel economy. Specifically:

  • Faster Load Times: A tighter site means speedier delivery. A cleaner, less cluttered design means less to load and express arrival at your reading destination.
  • A More Modern, More Intuitive, Flexible Design: With our new design, you're not going to have to scroll through the Reverse Chronological River o' Content, like some retreating Mr. Kurtz (though you can still do that if you like). Now the best stories and most important stories will be far easier to find.
  • Versatility: The SB Nation sites will now run seamlessly on every platform, be it mobile, tablet, computer, or 2-XL. Well, maybe not 2-XL, but you will get the same experience everywhere else, regardless of what device you use.
  • Community is Still Where It's At: SB Nation United will not change any of the community elements you love like FanPosts and FanShots and GameThreads.

Some screenshots from the new digs after the hippity-hop jump.

Our front page is now going to have a variety of options, depending on how many important stories there are to discuss:


Alternatively, we just might keep it to three stories:


Or we could go with four:


Here is how fanshots will look:


And here's Old Man River:


Put it together and here's what you get:


I'm really enjoying the possibilities inherent in our new set-up, and hope you dig it too.