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Yankees Reassign Billy Connors, Possibly in a Stalinist Purge

Via the New York Post and George King, Billy Connors, who has been part of the Yankees organization forever as a coach and adviser--he was pitching coach in 1989-1990 and 1994-1995--has been informed that his role is changing, whatever that means. "GM Brian Cashman refused comment when asked if Connors was fired, demoted or re-assigned." That doesn't leave much; apparently Cashman has sent Connors to the gulag, or wished him into the corn field.

I interviewed Connors on MLB Network Radio earlier this year, and he said at that time he wished the Yankees would more aggressively promote their pitching prospects rather than sign more aging veterans. I didn't think he would agree so readily when I asked the question that prompted that answer, but give the coach credit for not being a yes-man (or a YES man). I guess that's one voice for change the Yankees won't be hearing anymore.