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Somewhere, Eduardo Nunez is Keeping Someone Up at Night

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...By which I think I mean me. After tonight's 2-for-4, Eduardo Nunez is hitting .305/.358/.390. I just know that someone, somewhere, is looking at those rates and thinking, "He should play everyday from now on! He should start next year! At third base! In center! At catcher in place of Russell Martin! Make him co-captain! Let him play! Let him play! Let him play!" without recalling that those numbers come in 67 plate appearances, as well as forgetting that we had 391 previous plate appearances of Nunez hitting .267/.314/.382. Oh--and that he's Mr. Butterfingers.

Nunez is not without value given his speed and ability to make contact, but being the world's only utility infielder that can't, y'know, field, makes him an iffy proposition as a role player, never mind as a starter. Please, oh, please, whoever you are, wherever you are, fantasizing about Everyday Eduardo, put the thought aside for some richer fantasy, like Mason Williams and Gary Sanchez coming to spring training next year, hitting .950, and skipping directly from High-A to the majors, thereby magically solving a great many problems.

Yeah, that's totally unrealistic, but Everyday Eduardo is only slightly more so. Please, have mercy, I beg you.