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Yankees 5, Red Sox 4: No Seriously, It's Just No Longer Easy


Whew. Now that my heart has stopped wrenching after that ninth inning, I can properly write this recap. I wish it were a more joyous recap, as the Yankees beat the Red Sox 5-4. Beating the Red Sox always gives me pleasure, whether they're in the gutter or not. It's just that the thought of another injury has me worried, especially when it's an injury to Derek "leading the freaking MLB in hits" Jeter.

The Captain hit the first base bag the wrong way and has a bone bruise in his left ankle. It doesn't sound like anything serious. I'd be more confident with this assessment if the injury bug hadn't mutated into an evil Godzilla-ish force of nature this year. Jeter is the type of person who will insist on playing SS tomorrow. We'll see how this develops. Consider me concerned.

How about some more pleasant news in this recap? David Phelps pitched his best game of the year tonight for the Yankees. His control was very good and it's very promising to see from the rookie. Phelps pitching 5.2 innings and gave up five hits and one earned run while striking out five and walking only one batter. I really hope that Phelps can develop as a starter. The sad fact is that he'll most likely be back in the bullpen once Andy Pettitte returns to the rotation. We'll see. It was a pleasure to watch him pitch tonight regardless. It was almost not a pleasure to watch Soriano pitch the ninth inning as he immediately gave up a home run then almost gave up another. Thankfully everything worked out and shirts were untucked.

It was also a pleasure to see some dingers from the Bronx Bombers this evening. Curtis Granderson contributed two home runs and three of the five Yankee runs. Robinson Cano would contribute the other two with his two run blast over the monster. Swisher, Chavez, and...sigh...Jeter would all have multiple hits this game. With Granderson's homers, Swisher's three hits, and A-Rod's' continued hitting, this offense might finally be coming alive. Perhaps replacing Ibanez in the lineup might help. Just a thought. A thought I've had for months now. That goes for Jones as well.

I suppose I should congratulate Dustin Pedroia if his wife indeed gives birth tonight. I'll congratulate Bobby Valentine on being thrown out on a balls & strike call. Bravo. Tomorrow the Yankees will try to take the series against the now lowly Red Sox. Phil Hughes will face Felix Doubront in the rubber game.