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Yankees 4, Tigers 3: Yankees Split Series and Girardi Gets Mad

"Bob Davidson's umpire crew can suck it!" -Girardi addresses reporters

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Joe Girardi
"Bob Davidson's umpire crew can suck it!" -Girardi addresses reporters (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Joe Girardi
Getty Images

Let us recap this four game series quickly; two frustrating losses to begin the series and two drama, nerve wracking wins to end this series. Let us recap this four game series using math; two plus two equals lets get the hell out of Detroit. Okay that's out of my system. I can properly recap just this game now. The most important factor is that the Yankees beat the Tigers 4-3 and split the series before heading to Poutine-ville.

Saving the drama for later, and boy is there drama to talk about, NL West only pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was not as lights out as we've become accustomed to recently. It was still a decent outing from him though. He pitched 6.1 innings while giving up ten hits, three earned runs , including a two run dinger to Alex Avila, while striking out five and walking no one. Giving up ten hits is certainly not the Kuroda we're use to seeing, but bloops happen. They were quite frequent in this series. The fifth inning is really the only inning he faltered in.

Oh, the 5th inning of this game. Dingers were hit, the Tigers took the lead, and Tim Welke mistakenly called a fair ball foul then fair again. He even admitted it to Girardi. I'm no psychologist, even though I like to play one on Pinstripe Alley and secretly in Washington D.C., but I'm fairly certain it was that admission which made Girardi "Hulk Angry" at Welke. Many a Yankee beat writer twitter account tweeted that they've never seen Girardi that upset. I was making a tuna fish sandwich at the time so I did not witness it. Considering that I just listened to Girardi talk about the incident in the YES Post Game Report, I believe all of them except Mark Feinsand. I don't trust anyone from the Daily News 5th Inning. I also don't trust Ibanez in the outfield. Ibanez is the Daily News 5th Inning of outfielders on this team. Cashman got you a replacement, Joe. Stop using him!

Excitement ensued in the 8th inning as Mark Teixeira and Eric Chavez, easily the best hitter of this Tigers series, went back to back and gave the lead back to the Bombers making it a one-run game. A one-run game? Cue the drama. Rafael Soriano was called upon to get a four out save by replacement manager Tony Pena. The last out of the 8th was simple enough. The first out of the 9th was when the drama was thrust upon us. Runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs in a one-run game does not help sooth the nerves at all. Soriano then got a line-out to Cano, an infield pop up to Jeter, and a fly out to Granderson to end the game and properly untuck his shirt. Now let's get the hell out of Motown.

The Yankees head for Toronto to face the Blue Jays for a three-game weekend series. Freddy Garcia will face Ricky Romero. According to MLB's basic stats, Freddy has not pitched well in the Rogers Center. Perhaps some poutine would help.